Local Mugged by Dave Chappelle Look-Alike; LAPD Victimizes Victim

Local Mugged by Dave Chappelle Look-Alike; LAPD Victimizes Victim A local dodgeball player was chased down and mugged late Saturday night as he walked home from a night out with friends.

The victim, Jared, was walking on Melrose near Crescent Heights when he realized that he was being followed by a tall, lanky black man, wearing all black, who resembled Dave Chappelle. The guy began to heckle Jared and yelled at him to stop, so Jared pulled out his phone to dial 911 and began to run. The stalker overtook Jared, pushed him to the ground, grabbed his phone and took off.

Jared was able to flag down a passing motorist, who called the police. Since the attack occurred in the area just south of WeHo, LAPD responded to the call. In Jared's words, "The police acted like this was the 7th million time they had heard this story or something." LAPD cavalierly circled the block looking for the assailant but didn't find him.

Concerned about his stolen phone and hoping that maybe it would be easily found, Jared asked the cops if they would walk with him to where he was attacked and help him look for his phone with their flashlights, in the event that the attacker had dropped it as he fled. The ever so helpful LAPD refused Jared's request. In all, the entire experience with the LAPD left Jared feeling disenfranchised.

Jared mentioned that the scariest part was "literally being chased down," and that he would "have nightmares about that."

A source within the LAPD Wilshire Division confidentially reported that there have been numerous phone snatches in that area, all by a similar suspect. The attacker is described as a younger black man, over 6 feet tall, thin, shaved head, and wearing all black. Jared characterized him as "a tweaker kind of guy, but not smelly and homeless." The incident occurred around 2:00 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning. Anyone with information related to this case should call LAPD Wilshire Division at (213) 473-0476. The Lesson: Look up, look alert, and carry pepper spray.



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    1. Remember when this EXACT scenario happened to Carrie Bradshaw? But seriously though, I feel bad for anyone who's mugged but he's handled this very poorly:

      1) What did he expect 911 to do? If you're going to live alone in the big city (and walk around alone at night) you have to be prepared to handle yourself in situations like this. Remain calm and don't risk your life over valuables!

      2) What did he expect the police to do about a mugging in a city of 8 million people? He expected them to walk the block looking for his damn CELL PHONE?! LMAO, if i asked my best friend to do that he'd be like "...that phone is long gone, give it up boo. i'll drive you to the verizon store."

      Long story short i'm sorry that you got mugged but creating all this attention doesn't make the LAPD look bad, it just makes you look spoiled and naive.

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