Jinkx Speaks with US Weekly:

She's like Pandora Boxx with a brain.



  1. Jinkx is a thief.

  2. Jinkx seems genuinely nice. Pandora Boxx is only nice and funny on TV and around Rupaul, it's all an act. She is a major bitch and so rude to people, I've seen it first hand Monday nights at The Abbey.

  3. mean while Venus is at the Cypress Mall folding haulter tops and jeggings :)

  4. Her 15 mins of fame is over
    We are now on season 6
    Bye Bye season 5 yur 15 are over
    Now go back to work at hamberger marys etc

  5. Does Delta find work anymore? I havn't seen Delta or heard anything for a while now Seems to me like Shangela is the only working drag queen from the show? And what happined to Morgan? He is not a dream girl any more?

    1. They did see that Morgan was talented anymore so she was replaced with Shannel. Morgan is now performing in inland empire and Hambergur Mary's.
      Morgan also has had sevral drinks thrown in his face by our of drag drag queens from the IE so he is not always welcomed at the drag shows anymore.

    2. Delta works only Tuesday at Rage and Sunday in PS with Tommi Ross

      Morgan is still a Dreamgirl but no longer does Dreamgirls at Rage on Tuesday which is their main gig, she was replaced by Kylie Sonique.

      Was up with Samantha Star? she wanted to be on Rupaul's so bad

      Some queens from RPDR are still getting gigs; Willam, Detox and Sharon Needles are going to be performing in Scotland in late May

      Manilla lives here in LA now.

      Melissa Brown will audition for RPDR season 7 since Rupaul said it's okay for trannies to be on the show.

      Detox went on the show unprepared for it takes to be a public figure, especially when it comes to the bad and negative feedback. She goes on crazy rampages on social media fighting with her fans and asking them to suck her asshole lol seriously

      I am sure Rhea will be on season 6, she got a twit from Rupaul a few weeks ago: "Peek-a-ru. I see u" plus she's doing things the right way, keeping a low profile as the show producers like it before the show starts


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