It's WORLD Masturbation Month:

MAY has cum... & so should you darling!


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  1. I would love to masterbate on his face as i sit on his nostrils as i smoke that tina's fumes into my lungs ever so gingely as mary had a lil lamb is playing in the back ground ....MMMMi can feel his tongue now licking my hole fingerlicking good whole as i read from the Koran how my my hole was maid to be eaten by aother male with a pair of testicles...and a penis that could shoot that lucsious sperm up in side my man cave as it mixes with my I love all this!! some one please call the yougurt stop and order me some yougurt so i can use it as lube laster this eveving when I have james dukes Mason eat my asshole an dteh prozen yougurt right out of my crevice... Abby land can stand near by and play the banjo while Club eleven can wonder about the Sassy prom and when I will descend upon that club and steal some ore liqur!!! I am so high now on Tina can some one help me find my tupper wear?


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