How You Doin ? ? ?

Ricky Bennick, Xander(All Shade no) T & Simon Sherry-WOOD 

Seriously... tired. 



  1. Simon's stupid haircut looks like a damn toupee! Looks like Mr. Tudball! Loser.

  2. Simon's a butterface. There I said it. But the guy in the middle is cute

  3. yeay weho confidential... I was starting to thing this site was losing its balls!

    but shouldn't this be captioned "Who r u doing?"

  4. Where are Ricky's new Sally Jesse Raphael glasses?
    This asshole walks around Equinox thinking he looks hot wearing the EXACT same glasses (just in black) that an old lady wore back in the 80's.

  5. The only thing that would have made this picture worse, is if that walking disease Andy Lecompte was in it!

  6. no amount of coke could perk up these tired 3

  7. wtf is wrong with their hair and faces

  8. The middle one and the last one looks like they've toupee's on. If they cut it a little shorter they can have that Adolf Hiltler Haircut that a lot of guys are wearing in weho. I wonder if they take a good look in the mirror at themselves? I've friends who cut hair, and they say they just laugh and laugh when the person with this type of haircut leaves the salon. All the employee's crack-up about these haircuts. Lets just get some glue, a pile of cut hair, and stick it on top of your head! LOL

    If you go to 24hr fitness in Weho you can have a great laugh 7 days a week seeing the guys with these hideous haircuts! Get yourself a visitor's pass at this gym, and have great laugh while working out! You'll laugh harder at the gym than any sitcom, or comedy! AND IT'S FREE TO FOR THE LAUGHS! You can save $20.00 by not going to the movie for laughs.

  9. It's disgusting how the fags copy each other's look. No original style at all, just whatever the head fag is doing. Stupid, mindless sheep following the methed-out leader to AIDS land. Disgusting.


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