From Gabriel in the NAVY:

"I am in the Navy right now stationed in San Diego, CA and I'm hoping that DOMA gets repealed. I speak on behalf of all LBGT in the armed forces (yes transsexuals serve in the military). I've been able to experience the advent of an unstoppable wave of civil rights movement working towards granting gays more rights in the military. I was lucky enough to see Don't Ask Don't Tell get repealed. I myself was in Bootcamp when it happened and me and the rest of the gays in my division danced all night!

Now I'm hoping the same happens with DOMA. As it stands, homosexuals who are married are not allowed full financial and medical benefits since the federal government only recognizes marriage as between a man and woman. I am so ready for this change to occur and to see many if my fellow shipmates finally receive the same benefits as straight couples as they well deserve. We put our lives on the line and we, like every other American deserve the right to marry whom we choose and not be discriminated against for it!"



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