Cocktails with the Stars axed from Micky's

Apparently this promotional photo for Cocktails with the Stars was a little too much for one manager of Micky's nightclub which led to the firing of promoter Scotty B. We understand that Weho's longest running promotion has already been moved to a neighboring venue starting tonight.



  1. Actually, the guy in the pic, is the featured guy for the night. The pics were to promote his appearance at the club. These damned WeHo club mgt. and their attempts to placate the hetero community. Fuck that. Leave the fag bars alone. if you want to hang out with your straight friends, go to some damned hollywood club with the booths and the cabanas to sit and chat there. Or, better yet, stay at the fucking Abbey.

  2. did anyone tell CLINT it moved????

  3. Where the hell did it move?

  4. I think it's at Chop Stop now


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