Boy Scouts Only Tweaked Their Discrimination Policy

By now you’ve probably heard that the national council of the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow openly gay boys to serve as scouts, but to prohibit their continued involvement once they turn 18.

No one should be misled by today’s cowardly, offensive and obviously calculated decision. The Boy Scouts of America is brazenly continuing to discriminate. They cannot escape the moral condemnation of fair-minded people simply because they’ve set an age limit on when their discrimination begins.

In this day and age, it is neither acceptable nor progress for the BSA to allow gay boys to participate as scouts for a few years, only to harshly expel them from any involvement the moment they turn 18. The damning and toxic message to youth is the same either way.

We hope you’ll join us in urging people and companies that abhor discrimination to reject this half-hearted measure and continue to withhold support from the BSA until the group fully ends its discriminatory policies.

Sincerely, Lorri L. Jean
Gay & Lesbian Center


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