Are you on the LYST tonight?

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  1. Honey , im going to BE getting high on coke at the Motherload and getting my drink on for cheap. No need to valet a car for 25 bucks and wear some thing nice that i will return tomroow at the mall to stand around with other servers who have the nite oss...then ill prolly give or get a BJ in the bath room get my rocks off then go home:)

  2. I don't think rich people care about $25 for parking if keeps the riffraff out. Enjoy Motherlode, dear.

    1. Honey the queens that will attending that tonight will be:
      the Murrays
      the Jonathan Challcombs
      the Corely Lees do those people sound RICH to you?

    2. Never heard of em!!

  3. who?Who?WHo?WHO??? Girls get real. Stand around with retail shirt folders, waiters, "models" who took the bus their in hopes of meeting their meal ticket. Just go hang out at the lobby bar with all the other prostitutes that way the clothes you'll return tomorrow along with the shoes won't get all beat up. On a side note all those bitches with crazy hairstyles is a dead give away y'all cut hair or work at the thrift store. Stop stealing lip balm from the makeup counter too! It's been used by the public bitches. That's how diseases get passed around. And fuck you Chyna White, you thug bitch with no feelings insides. I hope your nose falls off like Michael Jackson.


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