Andrew Christian in Las Vegas for Memorial weekend!!!

Andrew is OFFICIALLY the gay man's Hugh Hefner!!

See what happens when the AC models stop for gas:


PS - We'll be getting our drink on at the AFFAIR this memorial weekend in Las Vegas.


  1. No one cares about thisso called models who are no Vetter than pornstars who are obviously drug addictss... give me Joe Hollywood!
    Ps: can someone tell stevroids dehler to stop wearing those fugly tank tops? You are muscular we get it! You have no class, we get it too. now buy decent clothes or go shirtless because god knows your looks is all you have to offer.

  2. nice limo, i mean cargo van

  3. Ugliest. Underwear. Ever.
    They look like ladies panties!

  4. Damn I feel sorry for theses kids... in ten years , they will have no job, no skills, no place to live and mostly likely will be homeless.... I don't mind if they are drug addicts or have a drinking problem...Lets face it. this is West Hollywood... girl just saying.....

  5. Awwww, bless their hearts. #deadinfiveyears

  6. Uh Oh-range Mocha Frappuccino!! They didn't die from a freak gasoline fight accident did they?

  7. ... ghetto.... so fucking ghetto and embarrassing


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