10 Day Facebook Cleanse:

Remember that one time you when or your friends were totally addicted to Farmville for like a month or was it a year?  AnywhoOO.. Farmville was lame & yet totally addicting because for some unknown reason you had to make sure your worthless digital crops were plowed before they withered.....  And now it seems that Facebook is almost becoming as unncessary as Farmville.

One Monday we were uncharacteristically stressed out about some real life issues when we realized that we were constantly being distracted by FB notifications. Then two questions came up:
1) How long have we've been distracted by Facbook?
2) Why not just turn off our Facebooks completely & simply focus on what's real for a while!?

We've suddenly realized we've been active members of Facbook for nearly 6 years & suddenly we decided it was time for an immediate break !!! Do you ever feel like you've put so much time and energy into your own "social media growth" that you may have forgotten what it was like to have a life without Facebook or one of its predecessors?

Daringly we clicked into our privacy settings, swiftly choose the security option & quickly selected to deactivate our Facebooks. We then indicated to Facebook that we were only temporarily deleting our account & that we'd be back. When you do that your entire page disappears & you can no longer be found, tagged & etc (until you login again). And then a familiar feeling came upon us, that feeling we usually only get when we've successfully entered into vacation mode. Suddenly all of the senseless commotion in our lives just floated away leaving us relieved.

There were a few initial panic stricken phone calls from unexpected friends who asked if we were alright & a few from others who assumed that we were expelled from Facebook for breaking the rules. In genreal most of our friends seemed genuinely shocked by the idea that we CHOSE to deactivate our accounts on Facebook aka the world's most addicting social media platform ever!!! Before you know it we became "that friend" you know "that weird friend" that deleted their facebook (temporarily).

In reality we were just spending too much time "working" on stuff that really didn't matter & when we turned off Facebook we cleared our heads, put our priorities into perspective, cleaned up around the ol' tranny shack &  waxed each others loose tranny pu$$ies while whistling the Andy Griffin theme song.

After 10 days of no Facebook we felt completely refreshed & we returned to Faceook with a new perspective on our Real Lives vs. Facebook Lives. We highly recommend this SUPER cleansing experience to anyone who thinks they may need a social media rest.

Neo & Imlay

Repeat as necessary.