Who's Your Baby Daddy?

So now we know why Samantha Stephen's left the stripper Circus?!? We wonder which gogo boy is the daddy? Rumors said Lexi Levinthal is the father of the baby. Good luck with that! Godfather Woody Woodbeck is hosting the baby shower at The Hooker Casino this Saturday! LoL How fitting!! 



  1. Poor thing! I heard Samantha is on Preventive STD and HIV meds to not spread it to her baby!

    That thing is so fucking uglt I am glad she moved!!

    She used to be a good friend until it just went down hill, yes I miss our late night hang outs but IM glas the fate ugly shemale is back at home with grandma in Washington

    1. LOL Lexi NFL, I mean Leventhal is bigger than any NFL linebacker

      Rumor has it if you flick her left nut she will go down faster than Samantha fresh out of Rehab on Larabee street WHERE she killed a BUSH< yes City of WeHo replace it its still dead!!!

      Anyways I live by Lexi He lives in Apple valley with his senile Grandmother. His tralier has 2 bedrooms!!! NOt bad, I thought it would have one!!

  2. Did woody post that he is EXCITED about it?!

  3. Time for an episode of Maury!


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