Whoooo Said Flippin' Your Fins You Don't Get Too Far ? ? ?

Who's that swimming ahead of the competition...

Oh shit gurl, it's Ariel Adore Delano!

Will the self proclaimed Mermaid win the race ? ? ? 

Not sure hunty, but if you're a fan like us don't forget to place your votes HERE!

Sebastian + Flounder + Flipper


  1. Love this bitch!

  2. Have you seen the entries, of course she is in the lead.

  3. I didn't / don't like Adore, but Rupaul had let Sharon Needles' bf/gf getting away with sooooo much crap just to market the two bitches together and make his banks acct bigger that I truly think this lost child deserves a spot on the show. If Alaska can be on the show, why not Adore?


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