Official White Party Press Release

It's unfortunate that the White Party is being blamed for the meningitis related death in West Hollywood, especially since there has only been ONE case in West Hollywood.

Airports, gyms and large events are good places to catch lots of things. Why isn't anyone blaming the airports, gym and coffee houses frequented by the deceased.

Jeffrey Sanker, White Party Owner, was a friend of the victim and is deeply saddened by his passing. He sends his condolences to Brett's family and friends.


  1. continue to be in denial, queen

  2. A corporate response. No concern that people could have been exposed or telling people symptoms to look for you know... Just in case.


  4. this fucking white party business is all about killing gays, one at a time, slowly. lauding unsafe sex, drugs and whatever you want, squeeze all the fun you can out of life, because all the world hates you because you're gay, or something stupid like that. So you're supposed act irresponsibly because of the idea that since we are all victims, we should just do whatever feels good.
    gather thousands of gay men, pnp-booze, what do you think could happen? just the 21st century bath house in the desert.
    sheep, all herded to be taken for fools.
    the wave will hit hard and unexpected, so scrape those anal warts and pretend everyone is going to be just fine.
    history will repeat itself, and next time, no one will care.


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