There's a New Sheriff in Town

Capt. Gary Honings is the new top dog in WeHo. He seemed to be over flowing with delight during last night's city council meeting. Welcome back Captain!

Xoxo Neo


  1. I hope that weho police department burns to the ground. Those guys are fucking dogs and they're rude as shit.

    Pulling over anything that moves just to bring more money to the courthouse and the city. Meanwhile we have to suffer violence and crime?

    Nu uh... Those bitches are useless and they treat everyone like shit. How about some fucking courtesy for the people who actually pay you and at least be nice. Dumb asses.

  2. Attention Morgasms!

    Can some one give me some attention?

    This is Morgan McMichaels!

    This past Wednesday I was at the Dreamgirls show in S.D. And I was booked at Rich's club down there @richssandiego on twitter.

    They fucked me over and I was in full drag. They fucked over my mother Chad Michaels. Outrageous!

    All my L.A. People that go down south, I suggest you go no further than Shark Club in Costa Mesa Orange County. San Diego is a wasteland that needs to be left alone.

    Also, I need some work. Tell your clubs to book me and pay me.

    Speaking of not getting paid, Phi phi and Jiggly of season 4 were not paid this past weekend for their booking for the Easter show they did for a charity and for young GLBT kids. Not paid and left high and dry justlike richs San Diego did me. That's another story. Regardless you can't do that.

    I will not STAND for the outrage! You cant hire some and then not pay them!

    Send a complaint to Ryan Bedrosian (Manager)

    Owner is Nicholas Moede.

    You can't just fuck some one over!

    Book me everyplace else, just not San Diego.

    Thanks Morgasms,

    Your queen,

    Morgan McMichaels

  3. From left to right


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