The Word of the Week is VINE !!! #vine #socialmedia #realtime #trend

Vine is an overly stimulating, new social media application that is 100x more addicting than meth & Facebook combined. 

This new app allows users to create short video clips up to 6 seconds long while recording through Vine's in app video camera. The camera only records while you press the screen, thus giving gif-like effects with the addition of an audio file. 

Your 6 second videos play on a loop & can be shared easily on both twitter & facebook. Trust us you're going to see so much of VINE that Lucas John has already declared VINE 
"The hottest trend of 2013".

You know who showing us the app

Funny enough, Britney Spears already has 52k+ followers without even creating a single post. 

Surprisingly, Twitter already purchased Vine in October 2012 before it was launched in January 2013. Welcome to the next generation of social media honay, real time!

Raja Party's w/ Chanel Perillo @GoldCoast




  1. Ugh that Channel fag hag is everywhere!!! Every time I go out, she is at all the bars I go. Sometimes I am wondering if the bitch has a penis, Ive never EVER seen a woman so obsessed with gays and dragqueens; she is always hanging out buying drinks for twinks and drags


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