Andrew Christian
April 15, 2013

Steven Star Has Arrived

We can't handle this Party Monster from NYC. Watch out WeHo she is here to conquer!


  1. Who? and when I mean who I LEGIT mean Who?

    Neaver heard of this person.

    slow day at office!!!!!!!!

  2. looks old enough to be a party monster

  3. Will he be brining the Menegitis STRAIN here from NYC as well?

  4. who?Who?WHo?WHO? Shut the fuck up and what the fuck are you talking about? Conquer? What? What is it going to conquer? What the fuck are you talking about? What is it going to conquer? Shut the fuck up with your fierce and your conquer and your fabulous and all those other stupid words you throw out. Why don't all these bitchass lady boys get the surgery done already. No one thinks guys who look like girls are hot. Limp wrist bitchess with their bags and heels. Ha! Who? Who? Who?

    1. someones coming down

    2. STFU! And fold those shirts neatly!

  5. Saw this queen stumbling up Robertson last night looking tired and trashy.


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