Spotted: Adam Lambert @ Guys Gone Wild

Rhea's Thursday night party at the Abbey is rich and fabulous.

Xxx Neo


  1. Who?

    American Idol runner ups are HAS BEENS.

    No new songs, no new blogs, no new photos.




  2. He's fat, and not cute.

  3. Is that him in the background behind the fag with the plugs? I can never tell who's who amongst chubby, pie-faced gingers with bad goth die jobs.

  4. if i hear rhea litre o milk hunty say she is fierce one more time i gonna slap dat bitch. tired #manface

  5. Rhea is trash. and what's an Adam Lambert?

  6. Oh Miss Raja - is you missin' a tooth ?

  7. How much coke was Rhea on?

  8. yawn. who cares. rhea is gross as fuck. and her little twinky minions, brody, mike, that lil pocket mexican jose or whatever his name is. her cello go-go boy "bf". running around this town like they own it. time to move on. weho aint going to make you famous, especially brown nosing gay celebs. still laughing bout rhea trying to get on that lame reality show about the rich people of weho. bitch is broke down, broke, cant afford a wig, or a lip liner, or tits, reusing old lashes from 6 months ago. bitch is stankier than mike munich's cock breath. go buy your friend a toothbrush and some listerine. i know you gots some dollahs laying round that dirty ass, bug infested apartment that smells like fritos and old burritos. clean your toilet.


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