Sharon Needles Admits To Dabbling in Cocaine while Hosting The Hookies

Finally someone said it... but only on Holidays & Wednesdays!! 
Sharon says that if celeberities didn't try to conceal so many secrets the media would have less of an impact on their lives. Easy to say when you're a B-lister in the Drag Scene!! Not sure Target would continue carrying Harajuku by Gwen Stefani is she went around confessing to a mushroom habit @ renboy parties.

Love you Sharon!



  1. LOL I love how this TRASH MISFIT uses the word famous, fame over 10 times, bitch you ARE NOT famous.

    Nice try you will never be or can be: Perez Shiton, Morgan McMethFace, Courtney Syphilis, Hoe Hollywood, Adore Del Taco

    *Carry on you AIDS victim*

  2. Wasn't she suppose to be the future of drag? Fuck outta here. She is tired.


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