♥♥♥ RIP Brett Shaad ♥♥♥

The 1st victim of Meningitis in WeHo passed away today at 4:45pm after he was taken off of life support. Such a sad day in WeHo. He was truly beautiful.

We miss him already.It is very hard to loose one of your own. Brett Shaad was part of our community here in West Hollywood. We saw him at events. We saw him daily at the gym. We stood together fighting for equality. For those of us who knew him or just stood beside him, or didn't even know of him at all.... We have lost someone of our community who's time came way to soon. Life can end at any moment. Before we snicker, before we fight, point fingers, act mean, form groups, exclude, shun, or anything but be there for one another- Let's remember that we are a community. Let us be there for each other. RIP Bret ♥