Perez Hilton Jolie @ #NNN



  1. I just vomited!

  2. That faggot offends my eyes more and more as the years go by. I just can't anymore with her! GO AWAY!!!!

  3. Well, Lance N would certainly use Perez' fame. I still wonder how long his relationship with that San Diego guy will last. He's still a user clearly.
    P.S his keek videos are fucking annoying. Stop asking everyone to say hi you idiot!

  4. The most worthless piece of shit on the planet.
    No doubt Child Protective Services will be very familiar with his home in the coming months and years given Mario's particular vices and taboo interests...

  5. Still can't believe this is someone's father. Shakin my head.
    Makes Octomom look like Jackie Kennedy 8-S

  6. CUT HIM A BREAK. NNN is basically the only thing he gets invited to now. He doesn't get invited to people's choices teen nick alma awards or nothing. He'll the events he is at are events he has organized himself I mean shimself

  7. wasn't the Angelina leg thing over a year ago?


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