NoH8 Founders Fly Private

This is juicy!!!

The Non-"profit" with deep pockets.

Les get to da bottom of deez social climbing extrwhoredinaires hunty!!!

Have fun in Cabo boys!!



  1. Flying with Eddie murphy's ex and that troll hairstylist WEN Queen Chaz Dean...

    1. the leid about jeffs mom having cancer raised a million and pocket all it for their charity

    2. The STEAL MONEY no NOH8

      big scam!!!

      plus he has a card reader do no ever pay by charge for your photos!

      he will steal anything ya u adam and jeff

      im talking stealing rounting numbers too!!!!

  2. Its Jeff Lewis from flipping out! Orgy in the Air :)

  3. Whenever I see a Bouska photo with a famous actor, I just shrug and move on. When I see one with a non-celeb, I file that face in the 'Desperate & Embarrassing' sub-section of my "Attention Whores of L.A." file. Please -- no one takes those glam photos to spread the word about equal rights, they take them to publicize themselves! True charity and social advocacy does not involve taking glam photos of yourself which you then pass around and/or use as your profile photo on social networks. That's not working for a cause -- that's pathetic.


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