Murray Swanby's 15 SECONDS Of Fame

By now we've all heard about Murray Swanby's relationship with Adam Lame-bert. Need we say more? Yes, she is on Perez but does she really think she can quit her day job for dating a one hit wonder? 

Let's not forget DRAKE LABRY! She is still serving up sliders at St. Felix and having to pay rent!

We find this couple hunty! Murray is pretending to dislike his overflow of friend requests on facebook...but we all know he counts every last one. 


Keep dreaming hunty...

 Your 15 seconds are already up!

Brooke Condim


  1. I love Murray he's always been nice, Adam is a star & this post is nasty!!! I wish them luck if they really are dating. It's tough to have a relationship. I hope Brooke considers cutting them slack in the future. #democracyruleshere

  2. I hope he don't give Adam something to remember him by if they do break up.

    1. You sound like an ex, man! there is a lot of comments a little nasty like yours in every post of him! hahaha GROW UP! find a new man for God sake! and if you are a hater keep talking shit! because HATERS GONNA HATE HATE HATE HATE! HAHAHA


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