Lucas John's "WeHo Trolley" to Debut @LApride 2013

The WeHo Trolley is rumored to be debuting over LA Pride Weekend this June.

The new trolley is going to be operated as a pilot concept which means you have to actually use it if you want to keep it!!! The city may charge $1 but will likely make the riding experience free.

No further details have been revealed at this time.



  1. how is the riding experience free if it's gonna cost $1?

  2. where is it gonna run? up and down santa monica blvd.. ?

  3. really, Douche-bag Lucas thinks this is his trolley. She's still high on that meth!!

    1. It's well documented that Lucas came up with the idea & John Duran has always credited him for it. Douche-bag or not... it's his idea & he's worked for 2 years to make it happen.

    2. worked for 2 years???? Really? You call bitching and acting an ass at City Council meetings obviously never worked a day in your life!!!

  4. Someone's gonna fuck this up.


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