Little Old Knitters Gave This Marilyn Monoroe Statue Leg Warmers!

"These local knitters in the stealth of night sneaked in with ladders and yards and yards of knitted fabric to create a little whimsy in PS!! A small group of senior women attached their knitted legwarmers onto Marilyn's legs. In less than an hour Marilyn was adorned with the world's largest and most colorful legwarmers. These knitters left behind a sign identifying their group and their intent to honor Marilyn. Alas, a "security detail" removed the legwarmers before morning arrived. Around the world groups of knitters have participated in "yarn bombing" of famous sites, statues, etc. Now that our Marilyn statue has had this special attention! Our Blonde Bombshell was yarn bombed!!"

via~ Palm Springs Historical Walking Tours (Facebook)

 Kindly, Neo


  1. Aren't those the socks Rob Kardashian is peddling to all the homos in WeHo (who else would buy them)?


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