Life After Eating Out 1-5

Oh no! Looks like someone's having trouble keeping up with the bills! Looks like Eating Out and YouTube videos are not quite bringing in the cash? Don't worry honey... we all go through it!!! You'll make cute bartender!! Swallow that pride.... it builds character!

Tranny McPhee


  1. Do we really CARE? And what kind of selfish, shallow, self absorbed, narcissistic person would take the time to tweet something like this whether it's a guy, or gal? I know...a selfish, shallow, self absorbed, narcissistic person. LOL..

    1. U dumb ass he wasnt even in eating out 1

      and he is poz and tired


  2. I am baaaaack. Chris' butthole tastes like dried beef. Add cream cheese and chives and together you can be the hit of the party!

  3. Horrible,shallow, self-serving, egomaniac sociopath. surprised no sex tapes of his have been "accidentally" leaked 2 here.


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