Leaving Gay Marriage to the States is not Equality!

Straight people can marry someone outside of the country & build a life with them here in America. Can you? Even though gay New Yorkers are able to marry at a state level they can not marry someone from another country.

Binational Couples on the Front Lines Against DOMA' is a series of short films featuring LGBT families from across America who are asserting their equality by petitioning for green cards based on their marriages and demanding that the U.S. government treat them no differently than opposite sex couples under federal law. They are opening up about their personal struggles under the Defense of Marriage Act to shine a spotlight on this prejudicial law and end it, all the while ensuring their experiences are properly archived as history that should be learned from and never repeated.

*This video is part of the collaborative series, 'Love Stories: Binational Couples on the Front Lines Against DOMA,' produced by Lavi Soloway and Brynn Gelbard for The DOMA Project and The DeVote Campaign.



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  2. Where did you copy this story from? Some attribution please!


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