Jesse Davis is Taking A Break... GURL~

Hello everyone,

Jesse Davis,
Liz Taylor's Last BFF
I'm taking a break from nightlife promotions in West Hollywood for a few months as I'm in the works developing some brand new concepts later this summer with The Abbey and SBE. I'm also branching out Jesse Davis Events to the east coast to develop a bi-coastal lifestyle full of lots of new fantastic things in the future. But wanted to have this last party to thank all my friends who have been such a great suporters through all my promoter years and especially all my friends that have helped make that happen week after week. All my friends know I do take these sort of sabbaticals from time to time!

I TOTALLY love my Thursdays at The Abbey, but as all good things come to an end. Please feel free to contact Murray Swanby regarding any questions for the Guys Gone Wild promotion. I will be back later this summer, I have a HUGE party in the works and hoping I will see everyone there sometime in July... but for now my attention will be on some other projects throughout some new areas of the country.

I will truly miss my Guys Gone Wild Thursday and hope to see everyone there tonight for a farewell drink!

Performance tonight by my favorite sister in town  Rhea Litre, w/ DJ Brynn Taylor & our GoGos.

Jesse E. Davis


  1. Who is Jesse Davis? Is he like a Mark Zuckerberg? Academy Award Wining Actor, Producer, Director, Is he CEO of a successful Corporation? Does he run a famous hotel chain, store, boutique, doctor, head of network? Who is he? I'v lived in this town for 15 yrs and never heard of him. Why is he telling us this? I don't understand.

  2. oh look... no one cares!! who? zzzzz

  3. Ok. He acted like he runs a worldwide corporation, by this press release/letter He's not Ellen, Oprah, a Senator, Tim Cook, etc.... Probably just a delusional queen. Will forget it!

  4. Keep doing what your doing Mr. Davis. We love you!

  5. the sweetest little princess in town and she definitely knows how to party

    people that say anything bad about that one is a jealous insecure sad person -S.S

  6. who is wilson? is he like an ignorant hater who makes outlandish comparisons between academy award winners and an amazing man creating a name for himself.. and doing a damn fine job i might add. well yes, yes you are ignorant and a hater mr. wilson. sorry but I had to call you out just because you sound so stupid for hatin on a man as genuine and charismatic as he. something of which you would easily realize if you did know him.


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