Davey Wavey is in LA

After spending several months in Palm Springs Davey Wavey can now be found in WeHo. That's right honay your least favorite cewebrity is now 1200 ft away!!

We wonder if we'll see her out tonight at Guys Gone Wild.



  1. Is the umbrella code for watersports?

  2. Davey Wavey is a fucking idiot! I knew him from back when i Lived in RI and he is a shit hole!
    And his videos are a joke. talk about living up to every single gay stereotype, just because you are a dumb ass queen who can't figure out how to just be a guy doesn't mean the rest of us can't

  3. He's apparently fucking local porn star Jed Athens, who is apparently staying at his house according to Jed's Twitter.

  4. i had grp sex with this guy, it was meh. He's super into cum and the guy from high school musical who has a drinking problem. He's really boring but had good weed.


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