Couple Puts Lesbian Daughter Up for Adoption

Apparently the idea of raising a lesbian is too much for one South Carolina couple to handle. After weeks of praying they've decided it would be best to adopt their daughter out. The Chandler's feel their daughter will be better off if she's placed with a gay friendly family. Is anyone is in the mood to rescues this 16-year-old? Help!!!


Ps- Judging by the mother's cut lesbian may runzzz on the mother's side of the family.


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    1. "Southern Carolina?"

      Agreed -- satire.

    2. Hey Fucktard, you've never have heard of South Carolina?

      You guys have some smart readers lol

  2. Give us sex give us drugs give us hot mess gossips about hot messes give us the info on the parties give us naked pics of guys and give us LOTS of dick pics. That's we ask. Not this coming out/real issues type stuff.

    1. Let me SMOKE you OUT carpet Muncher!April 8, 2013 at 2:27 PM

      Now thats the truth! Im here to GET HIGH ON DRUGS i dont give a dang about some carmunching lezbo who is NOT GOD fearing like I am.
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  4. Love song to Joe Hollywood

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  5. You do realize this is a satire and actually really old. My old high schools, student run, news website is more credible than this site.


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