Catwalk Cleaners: Now Hiring Models

There is a new service in West Hollywood called Catwalk Cleaners. They send model maids to your house or apartment to clean up your mess (literally). 

Catwalk Cleaners is now hiring male models to join the team. If you think you have what it takes and are sexy as hell then you should apply. 

We know we want some HOT boyz to come clean our house and get deep down in our cracks. 

To apply send you resume and headshot to:

Maliboo Barbie


  1. I don't want a damn prissy model to clean my house! I want a 200 pound black woman named Maxine who has cleaned houses for 20 years and knows what the fuck she's doing! Lame idea for a business.

  2. Stupid. Boys and girls, please don't degrade yourself this nonsense.

  3. This is a ripoff! topless maids beat them by a long shot! Unoriginal.


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