Bull$hit Report: Murray Swanby Dating Adam Lambert?

We're curious. about ... who sent this photo to Perez Hilton? 

Was it Murray or Adam!!?!!

There's no way these two are really together but we're sure they are loving the free press. 

This ius likely just Adam's way of throwing salt in his Finnish ex-boyfriend's wounds!!

Which WeHo Confidential "subject" will Perez steal next?

In other news Corey Lee is now fisting Alexis Arquette!!! jk


PS- We love sound of it...  Murray Lambert!


  1. i saw this pic on instagram... no one had to "send it in"

  2. Murray always has to find someone to pay for his shit. What a piece of shitand honey your face looks just tired.

  3. They actually look cute together

  4. another marketing scheme by andrew christian

  5. Where are the rest of the comments that told the truth? LOL Looks like weho Con has been interrupted. LAME!!!!!!!

  6. A model what? Make the cover or a spread of a top publication, or a high-end luxury ad, then I'll equate this alleged logic.


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