Brandon Wright is a Con Artist On The Loose

Have you seen this crazy queen? 

If high-speed chases, bacterial meningitis outbreaks, or exploding THC labs in our neighborhood aren't enough, now we've got a sociopathic grifter to deal with. Brandon Kenneth Wright (aka Brandon Saucier, aka Alex Simon, aka Sara Conner) has been approaching hot young models and actors all over town with promises of roles in major movies and films, modeling campaigns, and lucrative personal appearances. He trolls for these models on Facebook, mostly, under a variety of made-up identities, but he's known to also be on the prowl through model websites, and even that reliable old standby for shirtless male talent, the Abercrombie stores. The nature of the "grift" is that he has this shockingly awesome job for you, paying way too much money, but you can't go through your agents, you can only go through him, and before the cash can be paid to you you have to pay him for some small lawyer/accountant/administrative "fees." One poor actor is out $1500 in bogus "legal fees" for a role he thought he had in a Robert DeNiro film; another hapless young super cute guy is out an Ipad, if you can believe it, which Brandon took and promised to send money for. (Those "wire transfers" and "Fedex shipments" all got lost—imagine!) In his more elaborate cons, he impersonates people like Johnny Depp, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and even Eva Longoria via email, convincing the young models that they have come to their attention and are in consideration for some, you guessed it, really big opportunity. Most of the models are too embarrassed to go public about being victims of this small-time crook with big-time taste in good looking dudes. But one of the first to come forward was the straight but super sexy and gay-friendly Paul Vandervort, our favorite model from the Janice Dickinson Agency show, who spent four days in Canada waiting for a bogus modeling gig that, of course, never materialized. He returned to LA, frustrated and out a plane ticket, but wiser for the experience.  Since his experience two years ago, we know of several others.

But now, thankfully, the Lesbian dynamic duo of private investigators, Becky Altringer and her partner Cheryl, who became famous for tracking down the identities of anonymous film-raters in the documentary "This Film is Not Yet Rated," are on the case. They were hired by the parents of one of Brandon's victims, and they've set up this website to get the word out and gather more info. Please get in touch with them if you know anything. They're also awesome people and great friends of the community. Since they came on the case, Brandon has finally been successfully identified (it was hard, considering all the aliases) and they are working with police to apprehend him and stop the ongoing scams.

Brandon has, surprise surprise, a checkered past. One of the scummiest things he did was scam a Canadian football player, get beaten up for it, and then claimed to the media he was "gay bashed." When we drive past the Matthew Shepard Triangle on Santa Monica and Crescent Heights, it reminds us what real gay bashing is, not the kind that comes from being an asshole compulsive liar grifter con artist who happens to be gay, and then getting the shit kicked out of you by a straight guy for doing things that any straight guy would also suffer karmic retribution for. But moving on. If you have information about this con artist that can help Becky track him down and stop his activities, please fill out the form here.

Unfortunately for us, we're not hot enough to be scammed by this guy (at least, not anymore) but when you fuck with hot guys in our community, expect to take some serious shit on here. We want to keep the best looking ones around, not scare them away with troll grifters.

 Xx Neo II


  1. and if all you say is true, then this is a crime, and victims should contact law enforcement. simple, case closed.
    and while you're at it, why don't you provide law enforcement with this information, and last known addresses and sightings of this felon.

  2. When I was 21, I met a con artist who was very similar to this kid. I never lost any money, thank god, but I had quit my job and almost moved to NYC. Moral of the story, don't trust anyone.

  3. and i mean she jus so ugh-lee ta boot honey child!!!!

    1. and as they say, beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone.

  4. Sounds almost like a scam artist I know of whose name is Rick Altmann from Las Vegas/Henderson, NV.

  5. This case is under investigation and we hope to have an arrest warrant soon.

    Ariel Investigations

  6. He is on the loose again. Brandon Kenneth Wright aka Brandon miller

  7. I have met Brandon and people like Brandon should not exist. If I ever saw Brandon again I would probably die laughing because he is actually very pathetic. He is slopy in his tactics and still makes mistakes. Brandon how long have you been doing this? After like 5 years shouldn't you be the best at this lol. Five years later what do you have to show, a shitty car haha. I know people who have created companies in three years and made 1.4 million$ that are 26. You have to steal stuff to get a couple hundred $ haha. I can't imagine what it must feel like to not have one friend. literally everyone who has ever met you hates you. Let me be clear, You will go to jail eventually, You will get fucked up the ass by huge black men in jail, You will never EVER make any real $, and You will never feel safe that I can guarantee. Oh and I hope you are having fun changing locations every couple weeks :)

  8. The fact that He Turned Corey Saucier Gay says A LOT! Far as I know that guy was not gay whatsoever I just want to know 1 thing Corey like how did you end up with the fugliest of all fags out there trying to scam dumb models? Was it real love bro because he is right those pics do not look fake at all

  9. Brandon you are pathetic

  10. Poor Corey. I knew him from years ago and we reunited for the first time in years recently. I met Brandon through him. Brandon used Corey to snag some cash from me, not a ridiculous amount but still. I didnt think Corey was happy based on my interactions with them. I feel like there was alot Corey wanted to tell me but could not with Brandon being present. Then he fell off and disappeared. Hope he's alright. Good kid just caught up with the wrong person.


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