Boston Marathon Terror

No words can describe the horror that took place today at the Boston marathon.

Best wishes to the city of Boston and all affected today.

Graphic Images Below

Truly sad.



  1. Makes me not want to be a part of this world. Ashamed.

  2. Fuck you guys for posting those pictures. Is this a joke to you fucking faggots? I hope you all get AIDS and die.

  3. agree^^^^ this is very disrespectful stick to half naked men and gossip please

  4. How are these pics disrespectful? Sometimes we have to see the truth and the carnage behind bubble wrapped channel 7 news to make it a reality. This is a truly horrific event that should make you appreciate each and every day.

  5. The pictures are disrespectful because families are dealing with a major tragedy right now. Being a east coast native ( growing up just south of boston) i knew a lot of people who were there and thankfully most of the people i know were safe thank god. But a close friend of mine had someone there who got seriously injured and stupid people posting pictures like this is making it harder for people to deal with this devastating event! What does posting pictures like this accomplish? It does nothing but turn peoples stomachs and make people upset. It's stupid and ignorant. If you don't understand that, then you clearly are an idiot!!


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