Andrew Christian
March 11, 2013

Why HIV Will Never Go Away:

Wear a condom faggot. 

We fully support your right not to wear a condim & we definitely love the idea of barebacking but sooner or later someone is going to get hurt & we really don't want that someone to be you. 

Also if you're going to bareback it's safer to be on top & make sure you thoroughly lubricate the bottom's hole with Gun Oil to prevent rips & tears. 


PS- For free bareback porn click here! 


  1. This scares me...

    1. Christopher Darren
      Cole Hartley
      Christopher Clarke
      Jayden Grey (Out and honest good for him)
      Bryce Chandler Hill
      Shuan Ryan
      Cory Lee

  2. Christopher Darren is 100% poz that is why he was fired from doing porn, his test results came back poz

    now he is a personal trainer aka prostitute at Equinox! Stay FAR away from that headous big nose, discolored anus man!!

  3. Drug companies lose money on cures. AHF who is very pro condom also sells the hiv treatment pills. They are not interested in post exposure treatments because they might lose a new customer. No one is your friend... protect your hole!

  4. Let the fags keep killing themselves. If they don't care, why should we?! Idiots.

  5. REGARDLESS of the content, it's not fair to post people private messages on a public forum. This goes for any dating or hook-up site. STOP!!!


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