We Don't Care What You're Pooping:

When will people please stop uploading their food to facebook.
It's rude!



  1. keep eating... u ugly

  2. i done gave 'im new meaning to gittin a ROOT CANAL.

    minus the condim, as always.

  3. Looks like "Neo" is either jealous of Justin's success / looks or expressed interest in him that was not mutual.

    If you don't like what he is posting, then [A] stop visiting his Facebook page, [B] block him from your feed or [C] un-friend him.

  4. What is this kid's "success"? Either way he needs to be careful, his profile implies he's involved with some very dangerous people.

  5. Justin is a prostitute, he has sex for money. Just text him and pretend to be a "client"

  6. Excuse me this is Morgan McMichaels. Why is no one calling my booking agent? I need work!

  7. You obviously found it interesting enough to post. Were you brain damaged at birth? Malnourished as a young child?

  8. He can't be a prostitute! No one would pay to have sex with that! I mean, he would have to pay you no?


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