Spotted: Nene Leakes on Grindr

We can't breathe !!!

Somebody call an ambulance.... Puh-lease. First she's on cable, then prime time and now Grindr. This b!tch is popping up every where. Next thing you know she'll be hosting the after White Party orgy at the new Skylark.

Xoxo GG


  1. Meanus the CanyonMarch 9, 2013 at 9:29 PM

    Who writes for this website? How boring.

    We need the following:

    Jonathon Myers test results after baring backing that whore Rhea Litre, who did hook up with Jayden Grey who is bluntly retirted POZ porn star. Yes he is out.

    Two, cory lee and colbys ACTUAL height!

    Morgan admitting she is a failure

    Joe Hollywood on the METH pipe

    Murray having caught doing bareback sex in the abbey employee only bathroom

    Bobby trendy getting a drug test to see if it is in fact drugs or he is mentally desturbed.

    and lastly the RAT problem at K24, feces everywhere!!

    1. ^^^^^WTF who ever wrote this should be a writer!!! Email them and send your resume! Now that is DIRT!!

  2. I been spilling ts for years but no one even winced.

  3. Joe Hollywood has been in talks for a reality show after bad sex. He will be hosting bad sex viewing party's

    Rajas reality show to premiere in summer or fall will wrap near the end of the month.

  4. Morgan is headed to Chsrlotte this month to stalk P!nk. I have informed Pinks camp. Pink will not meet with Morgan.

    Morgan is hustling drugs out of her dads

    Morgan secretly does poppers to keep up the amp. There is always a bottle on her.

    Morgan will NOT be on Drag U season 4. Check the showgirlsweho channel on YouTube and look at the queens from season 5 that have recently performed. They are on the new drag U.

  5. More Joe Hollywood and Angel Bonilla please

  6. omg who is the lunatic(s) that constantly talk on here about the same two people, Joe and Morgan. your insane. nobody cares about them. Joe is hideous and repulsive. please stop the insaniT

  7. @2:33. UMM YES THEY DO. There are posts asking for joe and Morgan and the Morgan and joe posts are the most commented and people are requesting them.

  8. well yeah bc the posts are clearly coming from YOU

  9. Joe Hollywood stole Melissa Brown's purse at Rasputin last Saturday, with a significant amount of cash, and other "things"

    Kylie Sonique will be featured in 2 episodes of CSI: Criminal Minds new season, Morgan is fuming for this.

    Mother Meth and Roxxxy Andrews screwed eacheithers during the time they were filming RPDR season 5 and now they are expecting a child. How would you name a Detox's child?

    1. Joe stole jack shit

      and why would you steal missys purse?

      5 year old make up and bus tokens?



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