Spotted: Calvin Klein @ The Abbey

That's right our favorite fashion recluse made a rare public appearance in West Hollywood's boytown last night. Calvin Klein was spotted partying it up at the Abbey w/ David Cooley, Jack Ketsoyan & Lucas John. Klein wasn't shoving dollar bills down the dancer's Marco Marco underwear but he still managed to be the center of their attention. Hide your cheating husbands West Hollywood  'cause this uber rich bachelor is officially on the prowl. 



  1. so gross. him and david cooley are perfect examples of what happens to your face when you do too many drugs. just disgusting. and i mean flat out nasty!

  2. OMG, yes...can't agree more with the post above. It doesn't matter how much $$$ you have or how many times you get ur face beat with the knife when you use and over abuse the hardcore stuff you are gonna look gross like this man. This is going to be the face of Joe Hollywood in 10 or 15 years

  3. Who the f goes to the Abbey anyway? All that's there are lots of uglies and lots of bad music

  4. Adore has confessed that she will kill herself if she doesn't make it on Season 6 of Drag Race. She SHAN'T be mist!

    1. That poor methed up queen is desperate for any attention she can get

  5. I'm DYING to know which poor helpless gogo boy was the sacrificial lamb later that night in Klein's hotel suite...

  6. Calvin was hangin' with Lucas John? I always knew he had poor taste in friends.


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