RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 Casting Call:

For men who wear women's dresses & high heels only. 

We wonder if Rhea Litre' will try out for the 6th time?

Does Mayhem Miller stand a chance? 

We'll see.... 



  1. The return of Morgan McMicheals and the premier of Nicoletta NarCotic (Hoe Hollywood)


  2. I heard Morgan McMethFace is petitioning Ru to appear. Rhea won't make it cause she was caught on the site of last years final taping banging T, and taking Munich's dick up the ass in the bathroom. #NoRhea #NoMcMethFace

  3. I thought WeHo CoFi said this would be the last season? Wrong! This sight is beginning to suck. It used to be more bad ass. I like my gossip raw.

  4. Vicky vox andayhem will make it, rideing coattails of their friends will get them on, plus their noses are so far up Chanels twat, so its bound to happen, this season sucks, they should just end it, and the queens who truely deserve a shot wont get it, everyone should stop supporting drag shows and the race, LA is way done with the RDR fags

  5. Basically, DREAMGIRLS has monopolized drag in the So Cal area. No hope for unknowns or independent queens

  6. Morgasms make sure to support all the girls. I put a word in for my sistah from anotha mistah Mayhem directly with Rupaul, so count on Mayhem to be on. Ru told me he didn't cast her for season 5, kuz season meant to be shitty (look who are on hunties) He just wanted a bad season for controversy but on season 6 bad ass drags are gonna be cast and the show will be back to what it was (like when I was on, remember?) Oh...and I wanna see Rhea on the show. She'll go home first or second kuz she doesn't know how to sew, apply makeup and she can't be without coke for a long time, she will have serious withdrawals if she stays for a couple of challenges


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