RIP Erica Andrews:

You'll be missed lady...
Erica's cause of death has yet to be divulged so are still holding out hope that news of her death is just an unfortunate facebook rumor.

"I believe everything we have is borrowed. We Should treasure it and be grateful while it's only a loan. Do not expect or demand & it will be more like a gift. Besides we are only here for a short while & it will all be returned, someday."
~Erica Andrews 

We'll update you as more informations presents itself.

Soju & GG


  1. lung infection?

    1. Hmmm...I find all these sudden deaths amazing. We all can die any moment, granted BUT all I can thing as I read this it's SAHARA DAVENPORT, heart failure....really?? a 27 y/o kid as skinny as a palm tree (RIP as well) We know the kind of lifestyle these ppl in the entertainment business live. Right Melissa Brown and Co???????

    2. such hatefull faggots finding controversy and entertainment in some legends passing...must be hard being a nobody.....not everyone is as filthy as you people....some people actually lives a decent life inspiring and helping others in the form of art and love like erica andrews

  2. Who is Erica Andrews? She was a tranny who masquerades as a drag. RIP but I don't like when trannys retry to be drag queen.

    1. why not just kill yourself the world would be happy if garbage like u die than the talented queen miss erica


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