Pic of the Week:Palin Sports Chick-Fil-A Shirt

She looks rough..



  1. actually, she looks silly in this off the cuff photo. hardly rough. how do you look with a stupid expression or caught off guard?
    funny, who is doing the hating?
    sarah is not my foe, she just doesn't agree with me. at least she puts it our there and i respect that.
    frankly, she is a very attractive woman, certainly better looking than that scar faced impressionist on tv.

  2. Why hasn't Lisa Vanderpump hired Joe Hollywood as help at Sur just during filming if Vanderpump Rules. Joe has connections to Lisa Vanderpump. He even has this picture of him hugging her. If he "worked" at Sur during filming he'd have the fame he wants then can slowly disappear.

  3. LOVE Sarah Palin! :-) :-) She continues to help us kill the Republican party.
    Keep making those public appearances, Sarah! Pleeeeez? :-)
    If you run out of Chick-fil-A shirts, I'll send you other ones-- like one that says "GOP Hates Minorities!" or "I <3 NRA more than I <3 kids"


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