NoN8 Co-Founder Seeks Donations for Mother's Cancer Battle

We  sincerely wish Jeff Parshley's mother a speedy recovery.


PS- This kid sure knows how to shake a few extra bucks out of people.


  1. Wish her the best as you would with anyone who is sick, but why does Jeff need strangers to donate money? WHERE IS ALL THE NOH8 MONEY???? He couldn't man up and just take care of his mom like people do every single day?
    So that is $40 per picture, 25 each person in group shots, prints and merchandise sold on the website and shoots TAX FREE, they have no expenses as far as travel and lodging which is comped in most cities, there should be at least $2million sitting there after all these years and they have yet to make ONE donation to a marriage equality or gay nonprofit.

    1. The stole all of OUR money and now asking for MORE? I hope his mother DIES a SLOW painful DEATH

  2. ALSO, even if they do pay for any travel or lodging, those expenses would be tax-deductible for them, including food on those trips, so literally their expenses are Zero. They get all the benefits of the tax law, yet don't pay anything as a non-profit. At least pay your taxes from your income like we do!

  3. Totally agree! When are they going to actually do something with the money from this Z-List starfucker campaign? One look on their website and you can guesstimate they make upwards of $20-40k per shoot, $5,000 is nothing to them!

  4. They are greedy little creatures (they aren't the most attractive girls on the planet). I also noticed on Jeff's Facebook they are moving NOH8 into a larger building for all their merchandise sales. It's pathetic that Jeff would beg people for more money. Why aren't these two in jail already. Prop 8 was 5 years ago!!!!!!


    They was so obsessed with their celebrity clientele that they forgot their mission for noh8.

  6. I'm sick of people begging on social media for money just because there are outlets like this fund they can use as an excuse to get something from other's generosity for nothing.
    Kickstarter is the number 1 form of abuse with people like Elliot London and Ronnie Kroell posting over and over again to give money to a pointless effort. They've figured out how to use that money to create even more sites to siphon off cash for their rent.
    GET A REAL JOB, YOU SYCOPHANTS! This is why gay people get a bad name and we hate each other! You panhandlers deserve it!

  7. What's up with London and Kroell anyway? They figured NOH8 was tired so they decided to take over as the new gay scam artists of weho? London hasn't had a real job since I've known him, why is he always flying?

  8. I don't know London except seeing his kickstarter begging for his various movies that go nowhere or that wedding video that was a knockoff of the australian one. He seems like a total loser who scammed dumb Ronnie into partnering up so he could use him as the face on this new scam.
    Ronnie was sending mass emails, texts, messages asking for money to "donate against bullying." First it was a movie, then it was for a "movement against bullying" now there's a movie again but they got their nonprofit status like NOH8. That is hysterical! If people are really stupid enough to fall for it, let them laugh all the way to the bank, or jail. I bet one audit would land them both in jail. or all 4 of them. Dialing IRS!


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