Lohan Sentenced to 90 Days of Rehab

So ... Ben Patrick Johnson was on a plane last night getting ready to take off from JFK to LAX. Lindsay Lohan is sitting across the aisle from him.

They announce that the plane is going to have to stop in Vegas for a re-fuel because of some fairly routine maintenance issue that will require us to fly at lower altitude than typical. Ms. Lohan freaks out a bit, announcing to those of us nearby -- "I have to get to court in the morning! I don't want to go back to jail!"

And while the flight is waiting for approval for take-off, she's stressing bigtime, pacing and making a string a phone calls. The flight crew was awesome, very professional and kind, working to accommodate her. At the last moment, she apologetically gets off the plane.

Honestly, we feel for her. It truly wasn't a fu(k up or a diva moment. It was a scared little girl moment. They ended up not having to stop in Vegas after all and got in on time, uneventfully. Oh well! Lindsay showed up at the courthouse 48 minutes late where she was glitter bombed & sentenced to 90 days in rehab, 30 days of community service & 18 months of counseling for being a liar.

xoxo Neo