Frontiers Magazine is Officially Bankrupt

We've been wondering how these fu(kers pay their rent & apparently they don't!!

With $3.2 million in debt and assets of $342,000 the magazine has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy which if approved will allow FrontiersLA to continue operating. If it's not approved they will have to shut their door completely. Money owed to employees totalled $38,000 on March 6th & $5,800 of that amount is owed to local homo Frankie Morales. Readers typically complain that the magazine is simply out of touch.

 We look forward to updating you on this sad story! 


Can you believe the owner of Frontiers had the balls to ask the BK Court for an $800 car allowance!!


  1. Sigh. This website is so sad.

    1. B!tch no one asked you to come here!

  2. Yeah Frontiers is completely out of touch. Sad.


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