Ill Patron Tossed Out of Eleven & Denied Assistance by Security

We tried to rescue someone who appeared to be dying after being physically ejected to the sidewalk by security infront of Eleven last night. Sadly Eleven's security & sheriffs cared more about blinding our cameras than helping the person who was going into convulsions after they literally kicked her to the curb on Sunday night.

Apparently customers are just another dollar to Eleven NightClub & the WeHo Sheriff as they did everything they could to prevent us from documenting their negligent treatment of a defenseless lesbian patron who fell ill & was brutally thrown out on to the sidewalk like yesterday's garbage by security.

Such a sad state of affairs in WeHo.. this would never happen at the Abbey.

Video to follow...

Honestly we truly hope the woman survived as we & other observers were phsically prevented from helping her by a herd of staff & sheriffs.

Richard Grossi & his ghetto club are a disgrace to West Hollywood.
The fact that one of Bryan Singer's rejected twinks, Bryce Chandler, manages the club pretty much sums up how negligent this joint is.

We're disgusted!!!!


PS- If you are planning on holding an event at Eleven please don't:

*John Duran
* Lambda
* Sassy Prom
* Courtney Stodden
* RuPaul
* Andrew Christian
* GoGo Pact
* Steve Machuca
* Paws 4 Pets
* Jeffrey Sanker
* Ray Rhodes
*DJ Josh Peace
* DJ Morning Star
* Grindr
* Chi Chi LaRue
*Courtney Act
*Rhea Litre'

These people are disgusting & they don't deserve one single dime from anyone who cares about this community.



  1. A drunk violent person punched a staff member in the face while trying to be escorted out of the nightclub. Once outside and being spoken to by another security guard swung his fists and punched the other security guard in the face. WEHO Sheriff were immediately informed of the situation and gave us permission to restrain him until their arrival. While he was restrained on the ground, he was violently kicking and punching and punched another security guard in the face. Until he calmed down and was able to be coaxed into an upright position against the wall (where he was given 2 water bottles). The police arrived to assess the situation, file the proper reports, and ensure that the parton was taken away safely.

    1. it was a girl not a he.

    2. It was a male...named Anthony.

  2. How is that picture appropriate?

  3. ^^^ agreed on that not appropriate.
    but i'll agree for once about something is that eleven is disgusting, the people they're are so played out and thing they're elite when really they're all just doing bumps in the bathroom of each others dicks(which i have no problem with hunty) but don't act like you're Hollywood's finest when you're really the scum of the strip!

    1. Bryce is a phony expired twink that can't be trusted. Gross!

  4. This is exactly why I stay away from ALL of those gross WeHo bars! None of them are worth a DAMN!!!

  5. Thats the reason the Abbey is the best bar in weho.

    1. LOL @ that. The abbey is horrible. Not that Eleven isn't. The best bar in weho is Here lounge

  6. Joesph Hollywood gets thrown out there all the time he's ducking cray and recently had to deny knowing h to prevent from being banned.

    1. Joe isnt exactly Californian but he does live here. He's lived in Chicago and in New Jersey. He is only a Californian cuz he came out here. He's Melissa Gorga's cousin. He's got family links to the Gorga's and by some extent the Giudice's.
      It's a shame he's not related to the boring. Manzo's and the Laurita's, cuz that would make them interesting. The only reason The Real Housewives of New Jersey is even a show is because of MTV's Jersey Shore, then all the networks jumped on the New Jersey band wagon and then that fad went away. Anyways, it'd be funny to see Joe (Hollywood) join the show and with his cousin Melissa Gorga attempt to sing. On display on display. He'd call Teresa hunty and piss her off. I own NJ.Com hunty. Can you imagine? Maybe Joe will get back to his Italian roots and Ostart saying sangwiches and youse guys.
      Off topic, is it me or is Chris Manzo the fat son of Caroline have a little sugar in his tank? Maybe they can bump crack up their holes in NYC clubs.

    2. Joe Hollywood and Chris Manzo I mean. They should bump coke togeyher.


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