Bobby Trendy & Courtney Stodden Shopping A Reality Show

Courtney Stodden was on Couples Therapy but she's not done yet! And if Bobby has it his way Stodden will be the next Anna Nicole in no time!!

Courtney hasn't been shy about her desire for a reality TV show since making headlines more than two years ago by marrying, Doug Hutchinson 51, when she was just sixteen.

And now it seems that Courtney may get her wish, as the now-eighteen year old has just wrapped filming a potential new series with none other than Bobby Trendy. Bobby and Courtney celebrated the completion of the reality pilot with a dinner at Micellis in Studio City.

Word is that Relativity Productions is already shopping it around. May include merchandsing antics as Trendy just launched his handbag line on Etsy March 26 2013.

No hint yet what the show might be about........



  1. Her Viral load is sooo fucking high, no wonder she eats so much and is so SKINNY.

    What show? There is not show, she only married that man to further her sad career.

    Join porn now before its too late and your HIV results go from undect to POZ

    1. Dear Cortney Stoden:

      We all love a filthy pig b!tch when we're at the Faultine but please honay tone it down at the Resturants by showering on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Is that asking too much Poopy?

  2. No one works that fame system like Bobby Trendy does!

  3. This will be another Anna Nicole Train wreck with Bobby as the ring leader! Cant wait to see it!

  4. I love train wrecks

  5. Believe it when i see it

  6. They look great together!


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