Breaking News: WeHo's Finest Drag Queens Head to Dubai

Apparently Willam Belli, Detox Icunt & Vicky Vox are en route to perform tonight in Dubai.

And yes the are performing their racy hits...
"Boy is a Bottom" & Chow Down (@Chic-fil-a)"

Cross dressing and the act of homosexuality are both illegal in Dubai so hopefully they return unscathed. These singing queens also have a gig @ the WP Tea Dance this Sunday!!

Drag Queens are the new stewardess!



  1. Vickey is a FAKE fat bitch that has ZERO talent.

    Detox is afriad of me, always saying ow! stop grabbing me, get she sells her ass for meth and money to straight men.

    And Blonde chick, well lets just say that me and your husband used to do BLOW and I would give him head in exchange for rent money!

  2. I have personally tweeted @HHShkMohd Sheikh Mohammad of Dubai. I informed him that Willam Belli, Matthew Sanderson, and an fat man also from the US will attempt to convert Dubai citizens to Christianity and bring the idea that homosexuality is o be respected. Snd compatible with the Koranic values. I will send a letter to the Foreign Ministry. I request that they be denied entry into the United Arab Emirates. This is Joe Hollywood by the way.

    1. U are not Joe Hollywood

      and quite frankly that NAME is loosing credibility.

      He upstagged you guys.

      You are all losers including Joe

    2. I'm am joe Hollywood so shut up and die hunty!!!

  3. Niggers n Whites UNITE for TINA!March 28, 2013 at 9:51 AM

    I need drugs!

  4. Who the fuck is Joe Hollywood?


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