Ashley Greene's Apartment Catches Fire (One Pup left Dead)

The actress best known for her roles on "Twilight" & "PanAm" was asleep when her apartment caught fire in West Hollywood. Apparently Ashley & her brother were both asleep when the fire started & fled the unit with out the dogs. Once safely outside of the burning apartment they were unable to back in for her Chihuahua who reportedly died in the fire. Another dog of the actress's was unharmed.

The incident occurred last night near Crescent Heights & Sunset Blvd. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined but if it's anything scandalous we'll be sure to update you.



  1. By "last night" you mean 10ish this morning?

  2. I was there. We were celebrating Allusia's birthday!!

  3. Se is a millionaire, why is she living in an apartment?

  4. Ashley sure is pretty....

  5. Press play iPod Shufflers Manny Patel's insatious appetite for meth strikes again.

  6. Disgusting. She left the apartment and then remembered her dogs were in there. To top that off she has photos taken of her with her dead dog wrapped in a blanket. Photo op? Disgusting bitch.


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