Andrew Christian's "Cobra" Models Get Engaged

Looks like Jesse Jordan started a trend.

Brandon & Colby aka "Cobra"

Colby's also celebrating his birthday tonight at the Abbey.
These boys really are perfect for each other!!
We mean two Andrew Christian models in one relationship? 
That's a like a gay fairytale come true.



  1. LMFAO gimmie a fucking break. It's pathetic how unrealistic people can be when they want to be happy. They have been together, what six months?? Colby is an arrogant midget. Brandon is sweet and sexy. He deserves better.


    1. who cares about this POZ couple. NEXT

  2. From what I've heard, isn't this a serodiscordant mess that's gonna implode?

  3. Probably the same strain ^

  4. rumor has it they were canned from Andrew Christian for talking shit.
    I agree with the statement above, Colby's ego has gotten out of control. He wouldn't fit through the door b/c his head is so big, luckily he is 5'4'' so he can still make it into the Abbey to strip for dollar bills and call himself an "activist" LOL

  5. Publicity stunt. When your washed up, used up and people have given up. What do you do?
    Reinvent yourself and hope people give a shit.

  6. I don't know Colby well...but Mr Brown is a pathological liar...he pretends he has an education, he doesn't...he pretends to have had good jobs, he hasn't...he pretends he is from money...he isn't. Nothing he says is it sounds like these two are perfect for each other...they both sit around and tell each other how amazing they are...yet will never be anything other than Weho Trash...isn't there 15 min of fame is nearly up!

  7. Too everybody wishing to send engagment checks; they should be made payable too Audi USA directly, to cover the repo.

  8. What a fucking hot mess! How do these guys make money? This seems like a fixed relationship to bring attention to the brand. An engagement photo shoot?

    If your making a lot of money you are not hanging out at the Abbey!

    These guys have only been together for 6 months and they are engaged?

    Brandon is a fraud. All he has is looks and a bunch of dead brain cells! When you do get a new car the Repo man wont be far behind.


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