Tweet After Your Dead Aps!!

Hi everyone, isn't it all about tweeeting and twatting these days? We mean some of these queens like Mantanna Volby will tweet when he passes gas!! Or comes back from another visit to the free clinic!!

Now the truth sure IS that NO true devout Twitter addict lets something minor like their death top or even get slightly in the way of them and their Twitter feed; this is where the LIVES ON app can save the day!! Yes girl, the Lives On app from developer Lean Mean Fighting Machine creates a twitter account for you while your still alive and kicking. While you drink, get high and Tweet away, not realizing that every tweet brings you a few seconds closer to the icy grip of death, the Lives ON app analylises your tweeting habits,interests and taste. The system also take into account retweets and favorites into its algorithm to produce an accurate Twitter ghost of yourself!!!

So even after you have passed gas then on you can still tweet about pnping and the clubs and the after hours at Reflex that you just left! The app also allows you to name an executer of your Twitter account, who decides wether to leave your account active creeping everyone out or not!!!

 Also let us mention their lovely tag line "When your heart stops beating, you'll keep Tweeting!"



  1. My black skin ..whites of my eyes!! In YUR window!February 28, 2013 at 2:11 PM

    Im tweeeeting and tweaking right abot now!! I though Monatna dyed of aids he hasnt tweeted for an hour!!

  2. Joe Hollywood tweeting and I wonder what his ghost will be like?

  3. You're, not your!


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