Top 3 Articles: January 2013

Oh  is it Wednesday already? 

Time sure does fly by when you're listening to Lana Del Rey & doing bumps of K all fu(king day.  It probably doesn't help that Purple Haze is on sale @ the dispensary either. Any who our readership increased organically by 33% this January alone. And our Who's Who Rewards party was featured on the Daily Mail, E! News, Examiner, Wow Report & Weho Ville. It seems like we've only just begun our werk hunty.


Here are the Top 3 most popular articles for January 2013:


ps- Save the date March 1st!


  1. Once again a lie

    Joe Hollywood has nearly 200 comments on every story

    Joe Hollywood won in the polls

    Hey Lucas rumor has it you only write about people you like! Did Joe Piss you off?

    Anyways its time for me to meet Joe behind the Post office to smoke some T!

    1. Agree^^^^

      Say good bye to viewers we want JUICE and Joe gave it.

      I massage at Equinox and all my clients do is talk about what Hoe Hollywood will do next

    2. Joe needs to stop posting about himself. He obviously has histrionic personality disorder. It was sad but now it's annoying. If Joe wants to be written about I am sure Lucas accepts food stamps.

  2. Joe Hollywood is dead to us. BYE BYE

  3. Who is joe hollywood lol since this site is not posting about him anymore HE is NO MORE!

  4. Top 3 joe Hollywood cries rape
    Reporting live on joe Hollywood (selling a plastic back end to a phone.
    And dear miss Cleo... (Miss joes opinion on joe Hollywood getting fucked by a blind man)

  5. i met Erik this weekend in weho. he's so tall and so fucking sexy and to top it off, an incredibly sweet guy. total husband material

  6. I used to work in Laderdale most scenes were shot in the course of a day or to for a flare rate and Josh Green aka Tristan received 250 cash. Out of the scenes shot two 30 minute films were made.


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